Girls Skype id s

infamoustips _______ NOVEL TOURIST

! am from Uk I need a boyfrind
Whats the deal with these?
I stupidyly added someone on skype and cammed with them needless to say i stripped down like an idiot.
They are blackmailing me to send it to friends and they want money out of me. What do i do?
ajack88 :p TOURIST

! am from USA I need a GOOD FRINDS

and that was that, she blocked me deleted all the accounts she made, and i told people to avert there eyes if anything happens. That was this morning, haven’t seen her since, i even tried to get back in contact with her but she’s gone………meh…
Personally, i thought i looked pretty looked good in it. I had ma game face on. But if i get hit with anything I’ll post it here. Not the vid though, thats mine, well mine and hers….. ahahahahahahah. I’m just sad i didn’t get one back some people are just heartless.

Pete9302 🙂

Did anything happen in the end?, I’m interested on this subject. I think they are just bluffing but since this must be a new thing lots of people must fall for it. If it wasn’t for the fact they want Western Union as the payment option